a year already…WOW

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

this past sunday it’s been a year since we got engaged.  i can’t believe it’s been a year already! it’s very scary to think that it’s almost the end of this year! not too long to go anymore.
tunisia_after_engagement[2] (2)
the weekend we spent buying the last of wayne’s wedding attire (i can scratch that of my list now too).  wayne also got a call that his ring is finished & he should come to have a look and see if it is what he wanted.  not too sure when we will go and do that because wayne is working this whole weekend.  on sunday we had boerewors rolls (a bread roll with south african sausage) from a south african shop AND also sparletta creme soda.  (for clarification:  the creme soda in this country is see-through and not green like the ones in sa).  it was so so so good!
10.10.03 Boerewors 10.10.03 Creamsoda
with all the wedding shopping going on – i HAD to treat myself (and since i didn’t get anything); i bought these cool boots for myself.
10.10.05 Boots 10.10.05 Boots1
the weather has been kind of shitty here the last couple of days…winter is HERE (woohoo).
this is the BT tower (like sa’s telkom) – the main telephone company over here:
10.10.04 BT tower & clouds
on monday london was brought to a stand-still, again:  the tube (underground) people decided to have a strike – AGAIN!  and this on a monday of all days!! i always joke & say that people only go to work on a monday & then go home on a friday; that’s the reason for the transport being so busy on a monday morning & again on a friday evening.  so the strike lasted all of monday and it was extremely busy:
10.10.04 Tube Strike
hope everyone is have a wonderful week so far!

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  1. wow! a year already...! I can't wait for the wedding!! Love the boots though! I miss you terribly...
    regards to Wayne! :)


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