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Sunday, October 11, 2009

hi all,  WE ARE BACK from a fantastic holiday in tunisia (north africa)!!  we had such a lovely & relaxing time and of course the highlight of our trip was on saturday (3rd october) when boyfriend became FIANCEE!!! i still can't believe that i'm now ENGAGED!!! i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my ring!
i will put pictures on here as i download & resize them.  but firstly i will add a couple of photos of my huge 'rock'!!
on the night i was only told to dress up & 'make myself pretty' because we are going to watch & take photos on the beach of the full moon.  shame wayne looks kind of stressed in this photo (above).
we went down to the beach, i took photos of the moon AND asked ALOT of questions (like why are we here in the dark AND the only people on the beach AND why is he wearing a jacket in 28 degrees weather) AND then wayne asked me THE question & my beautiful ring:

on the size of my smile (in pictures above) you can just SEE how HAPPY and OVER the moon i am.  even wayne looks more relaxed!!
{click on images to enlarge them}
{and--wayne designed and picked out this ring all on his own. i must say, he knows me really well! and even though we'd been talking about marriage for a few months and had maybe been ring shopping a few times, i was SHOCKED, SURPRISED and NOT EXPECTING it so soon. good job, waynee. i love you.}

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  1. awe!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH!
    love you loads!


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