15 & 16 month favourites

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

this little man is almost 17 months old! time just flew right on by… I don't know how many times I will say "where has the time gone," but seriously WHERE has the time gone!? It's a crazy thing, when your little baby first arrives, you want them to stay a tiny little, snuggly, bundle forever.  but as they start to grow and interact with you, you become obsessed with every little milestone. It is SO much fun watching his eyes light up when he sees new things and seeing that little smile of his in the morning is just pure joy! . 

to remember these precious times i’ve compiled a list of all his favourite things at the moment.

BabyBjörn Spoons.  He is pretty good at holding any spoon but these ones seem easier and he has fewer spills.  we are teaching him to eat most of his food with a spoon (actually he won’t allow us to feed him anymore).  it is such a mess but totally cute to see how he struggles and works it out for himself.

Ikea Table & Chairs.  we just got these for him and he loves it!  he loves sitting there playing with buttons & cups (packing it from one thing to the other), drawing, playing with his crayons or even to have his little snacks there.


Snack & Go.  he loves this little snack pot of his.  it is easy to take the food out and also easy to carry around.  he doesn’t like walking around with snacks in his hands (hates dirty hands) so prefer to have it in a little bowl of some kind.  i prefer giving it to him in here, because with a normal bowl, i pick snacks up all over the house.

we’re going on a bear hunt book.  of all his books, this is still his favourite.  he will ask for this book almost after every nap or when he is in his room. when he says “oh, no”, we know that this is the book he is talking about.

elmo soft toy.  riley was never a baby/child who was attached to something specific like a blanket or teddy.  but these last couple of days he is getting attached to his little elmo soft toy.  i’ve been giving him elmo to sleep with every night (from about 9 months) and it is so cute when you walk into his room and he is standing with elmo, under the arm, waiting for us to pick him up.

Walker truck.  he is getting so good at walking/running around with his truck.  it will be the first thing he goes for when he gets downstairs.  he is also starting to pack everything that he can find into his truck.  at least now we know where to find everything he picks up.

these were just a few of his favourite things he loves at the moment, now off to find my lip-gloss he was playing with (lets hope it is in his little truck).  00

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