We had a famous guest visiting us this weekend

Riley has been looking forward to have their class 'mascot' visiting us for a weekend since school started this year!  It was finally our turn this weekend!!  We took Bananas to Richmond on the bus, to Riley's swimming class, snuggle movie evening at school, shopping, cricket and even to father's day lunch.

The smile on this little mr's face is what's making these photo's. 

Just look at him...

New Year News!!

What a fantastic way to bring in the New Year with some AWESOME news from us! We are over the moon and so excited!! Bring on 2018!

Life Lately {on my phone}

We had fantastic weather last week, really started to feel like Summer.  Now this week; it is still warm BUT it’s raining, and raining and raining and raining non-stop.

Here is some photo’s that I found on my phone. 
on his month-aversary

  These last photos was taken at Hampton Court Palace’s Magic Garden – what an AWESOME place to go to! Can’t wait to go again!

riley the schoolkid

today, my baby started pre school.  technically pre school is only starting here in September but he got space to go now.

we all travelled to school this morning.  riley was so excited but i think he sensed that mommy and daddy are a bit sad (that he is growing up so quickly) and also that big changes are ahead.

before this big day we had quite a few settling in days at the nursery.  and he was perfectly fine on those days, no tears, just super excited to play with his friends.  i think that is why it was so hard for us when we dropped him off to see how he then has a complete meltdown.  it was horrible leaving him there crying like that.  i wish i could just turn around, scoop him up in my arms and never let go.  but i know this is going to be good for not just him but for me too.  school, other children and the whole setting of school is what he needs right now.  i know this will get easier for both of us.... i hope.

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