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Monday, September 20, 2010

i hope everyone had a FANTASTIC weekend!
i want to SCREAM when the first thing out of EVERYONE’s mouth is (not just from family & friends but also from strangers):  “how’s the wedding plans going?” … aaaaghh what am i suppose to say? it’s horrible; i haven’t done anything… what…so my answer is normally:  good, slow, but we are getting there.
i get it that it makes it more difficult because i am (sorry, we are) planning this from the UK & getting married in south africa.  it is making it more of a challenge than if i was in sa.  but with everyone asking me (how it’s going) i’m getting MORE stressed out because it makes me think and feel that i am not doing ANYTHING.  SO i have decided to update you guys regularly from now on.
this weekend was quite productive we bought & ordered wayne’s wedding band & also his trousers (or pants for all the south africans) AND i also got my gorgeous veil.
wayne’s wedding band is from a swiss company (Furrer Jacot) – the metal is palladium – image below

the trousers we bought are grey (more charcoal colour) but i think it looks pretty amazing
10.09.19 Wayne's trousers 10.09.19 Wayne's trousers.i
here is my up-to-date wedding to-do list:
  1. Venue – booked
  2. Food – included with the venue; they are just waiting for my official numbers
  3. Wedding dress – ordered; going for my first dress fitting in november
  4. My wedding shoes – bought (was the first thing i bought)
  5. Veil – ordered & received
  6. Lingerie – i need to have this when i go for my first dress fitting
  7. Jewellery
  8. Garter (kousband)
  9. Wayne’s clothes – only have the trousers so far
  10. W:  shoes
  11. Bridesmaids dresses – sisters are sorting this out
  12. Wayne wedding band – ordered
  13. My wedding band
  14. Flowers
  15. Bouquet
  16. Boutonniere – for w & groomsmen
  17. Photographer – all booked & deposit paid
  18. Videographer
  19. Save the dates – all done & confirmed receipt
  20. Invites – i am CRAZY busy with this (invites will also include – the RSVP’s, maps & accommodation information)
  21. Programmes – i am working on this
  22. Hairdresser
  23. Manicure / Pedicure – my lovely sister will organise this for me
  24. Make-up
  25. Flights to SA for me & w – all done & booked
  26. Preacher (Dominee)
  27. Decorations – for venue & tables
  28. Ring pillow
  29. Accommodation
  30. Music / Entertainment
  31. Wedding cake – my sister again is organising this for me
  32. Cake topper – done
  33. Alcohol – busy organising this with the venue
  34. Guest book
  35. Confetti
WOW this is the looooong list of things to do when getting married!  i REALLY hope i didn’t forget anything.  the 2 MAJOR things that i need to look at and get DONE as soon as possible are the music & videographer.  the rest is ‘smaller’ things that can be done later on.  OH except the invites – that is the MOST important thing that needs to be done & finish this ASAP.
hope everyone has a FANTASTIC day & week!
today’s photo of the day is an old photo i found of wayne attempting to give my cat (strepies) a shower (i know it’s not a real cat (it’s a bagpuss…before you wonder about it).

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  1. aw sis, you shouldn't stress so much, you have 3 sisters to help you out! we love you so much, so just ask... and love Wayne's wedding-band! love the photo's and I LOVE YOU! :) have a wonderful week! xx


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