cupcake, cupcake

Friday, September 17, 2010

woohoo it’s friday, the sun is shining (probably until it’s time for me to go home – but at least is shining), it’s friday (oh, i’ve already said that) and… i was really naughty and had a lovely cupcake for breakfast this morning. 
it’s not actually my fault, you see what happened was:  i got to the supermarket this morning to buy some salad for me for lunch & and right NEXT to the salads (ok fine, about 5 steps away from the salads) i saw this lovely mississippi mud cupcake just smiling (yes, smiling) at me.  at first i decided to walk right past it because i was ONLY there for salad & milk for the guys at work.  on my way to the till, i HAD to walk past the extremely tempted looking cupcake again.  and i just COULDN’T resist the temptation a second time around.  so needless to say – i had a very delicious, moist mississippi cupcake for breakfast! 
see, can you say NO to this:

{photo taken with iphone}

i must admit it was pretty amazing!
hope everyone has a FANTASTIC Friday & weekend!!

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