month one

Friday, July 27, 2012

tonight at 8:31pm, my little boy will be one month old.  i have no idea how that happened that fast.  time is moving too quickly for me and it makes me cry.  this has been the best month of my life.  it's also been the most painful, but regardless of that, it's been pretty damn incredible.

this little man has changed my (our) life forever.  i love him so much.  i love holding and kissing and cuddling him.  i love feeding him (i actually do now, never thought i would say or feel like that during the first 2 weeks).  i love watching him sleep, even if it means i'm sleep deprived.  i love seeing him with his daddy.  i love seeing how their bond is growing.  i love spending time with 'my boys'.  i love talking, singing & being silly with him.  i love his little sneezes and hiccups and all the cute sounds he makes as he sleeps.  i love his different sleep positions.  i love his 'double sigh' when he is satisfied.  i love seeing his blue eyes when he looks up to me.  i love his little noises he makes when his feeding.  i love his little fat rolls and button nose.  i love knowing that i'm responsible for every fat roll.  i LOVE knowing that no matter what happens in this lifetime, wayne & i will always have this little special person in our lives and that he will bind us together for eternity.  i love how proud he makes me to be his mother.  all in all, i just really love my little riley.

and even though i know hard/difficult times will come, and i know it's hard work - i am so looking forward to month 2, and month 3, and all the months after that.

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  1. aw! he is so beautiful!!
    can't believe it's already been 1 month! it's so amazing!!
    The photos are gorgeous! and I can't wait to see and touch him!!
    love you guys sooo much!!

  2. Very special

    thanks for posting stephanie

    love you both



  3. Replies
    1. Hi Stephani!!! Dis so moooi!!! Jou tannie kry n seerkeel as sy dit lees!!!

  4. Hi Stephani!!Jy gee jou tannie n seerkeel!!!So mooi!!!So bly vir julle!!!


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