life of riley: look at my smile

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

on sunday it was my one month birthday & my mommy's birthday.  we had a relaxing day at home (not really relaxing for my mom & dad because i decided that i didn't want to sleep during the day).
last night my mommy and I had a shower together, for the first time, and it was AWESOME - can't wait for the next one.  i enjoyed it so much that i almost fell asleep in my mommy's arms.
oh and i realised that i LOVE sleeping on my side - but mommy said i'm not allowed to since i'm still a little boy.
check out the video - my mommy can be such a silly billy! xx

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  1. aw!! he is adorable...
    Gorgeous photos of Riley...
    Can't wait to hold the little man...
    Love you guys so much!



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