week 3

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

people i am already 3 weeks old!

friday:  20 July:  i went with mummy on the train to wimbledon to meet some people from south africa (i didn't get to meet them because i was fast asleep).  {i met my friend liezl's mom & dad - and had a fantastic time - thank you again for the awesome presents}
saturday: 21 July:  it's my dad's birthday today and to show him how much i love him, i shared some milk with him (fine, i know i spit it up, but i did share).  after some more food, we left to go and watch spiderman.  my daddy told me that it was pretty awesome - but again i missed it by sleeping through the movie.  it was my mum & dad's fault i fell asleep because my pram & earphones was so cosy, i couldn't stay awake. 
monday: 22 July:  after sleeping like a good boy (my mom & dad said i was) in my moses basket for the first time all night; i spent the day with my mom since my dad had to work.  mommy made such a big deal about the sunny weather today & she also took me outside for a quick trip to town.

♥ until next time 

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  1. aww, he is the prettiest boy in the world!
    Can't wait to hold and kiss him!

    Love you guys so much!
    Missing you always ! xx

  2. I think any parent would say there child is beautiful... but Riley you are something else. the little noises that you make when feeding, or the way to smile when you are with your mommy, oh and those big blue eyes would melt any ones heart. YOu are blessed my boy with a beautiful face... and over time im sure we will get to know your beautiful kind heart.

    love you my boy


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