husband's birthday weekend

Monday, July 23, 2012

this year wayne said that he didn't want anything for his birthday because he has everything he's ever wanted.  but if i do want to treat him to something; he would love to go and see the new spiderman movie & have a home-cooked steak meal. 
so i bought a catterpillar cake for wayne; we went to see spiderman (riley had these cute - bit too big - baby earphones on his ears, to protect his new ears) and cooked a steak meal for the birthday boy.  riley had so much fun that he slept through the whole movie.
{what we did for wayne's birthday last year & the joint BBQ last year}

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  1. Cutest photos ever!! :)
    Riley is so beautiful! Hope Wayne did have a fantastic day, and that you really enjoyed the new spiderman movie...
    I miss you guys tons and tons...
    Love you always! xx
    Can't wait to see you guys!! <3


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