life of riley: off to south africa

Friday, November 16, 2012

we are off to south africa tomorrow and i am pretty excited to meet all my aunts, uncles, cousins & grand parents.  i am going to get so spoiled!

mom already warned me that it's going to be a long flight and dad's not going with, so i shouldn't do this:

i should be patient, but that is so hard - does she remember that i am only 4 months old, us babies only get patients later in life (or when it comes to food and sleep, never - if i'm like my dad - i heard my mom say that to my dad a few times).  

i am going to miss my dad so much - i am so happy when he gets home in the evenings. i love my mom loads but she can't play like my dad can.  i should have a word with my dad, he needs to show mom how to do the mirror play thing, and watch sports:

i heard mom has a lot of sisters & my cousin katinka is also a girl - i just hope they not going to take me shopping every day.  mom knows how much i hate shops!

mom also told me that it is a lot warmer there, so no more blankets, heaters, hats, gloves & layers and layers of clothes - i just hate that.  

i think this means that i can spend more time in the bath (i hope mom remembers to pack this little girl in - i just love holding her hand while i'm in the bath):

i heard my mom talking to aunty janine the other day and it sounds like all my mom's sisters are going to be at the airport - going to be my own welcome party.  it just means i can meet more people and blow bubbles & pull faces at them.  mom says i am a real charmer - i can't help it if the ladies like me!

i actually don't care where i am going, just as long as i can have some milk 

some sleep

watch my mommy & listen to her silly stories

put some thing in my mouth (even if it is my mom's arm or hand - i'm not picky)

i am sad that my dad won't be with us - but mommy promised me that he will come visit us.

i am off for some more milk (boobies yummy!) and then a quick nap.  next time i will tell you all about south africa and all the family!

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  1. Cute verby!!!

    Liefste Riley, ons kan nie meer wag vir jou koms nie. Jou ouma en oupa het erg gewerkskaf in die huis om als reg te kry vir jou kuiertjie. Oupa moes na werk meubels skuif en gate boor. Ouma het kaste reggepak, als geskrop soos net sy kan. Jou tannie se werk was om in die argiewe te krap vir al jou niggie Katinkie se baba-goed. Ons gaan so lekker speel. Hoop nie jy hou baie van slaap nie. Lief jou en soet wees op vlug vanaand. Xxxxx tannie Karlien


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