getting the house to feel like home…

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

and what a challenge that is.  to be honest i am not that great with decorating a house.  my problem is that i have WAY too many ideas, that makes me confused and then i can’t seem to get anything right.
last weekend i spent the whole weekend building the last of the ikea furniture (the stuff we bought here).  it took me all of sunday to build my desk in my study AND then it didn’t fit in the hole it has to go into.  (who puts a wall plug on the corner of the place where i want to put MY desk – and then it is a HUGE plug).  so my lovely husband made a stand for my desk – to fit over the plug AND tada! now my desk fits & i can start using my study again. 
11.02.20 Steph lamp
my lamp in my study.

11.02.20 Dart Board
wayne has a small dart board in his study (against the door)

11.02.20 Wayne lamp
hubby’s cloud lamp on his desk.
i will put more photos on, as soon as i am finished with all the rooms.

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  1. Lucky for you Wayne's handy! :) But I love his cloud lamp... that's awesome!! Can't wait to see the end product! Love you so much!! xx


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