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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


i thinks most of my photos from now on will have a coffee, hot chocolate or mulled wine in.  it is getting colder now and oh so dark.  sun only coming up after 7:15am and its already dark just after 4pm.  and the worst part of this, that it’s only the beginning of winter now.

2013-11-12 14.28.19

the colder weather is also playing a role in riley’s day to day activities.  now that it’s a bit too cold for him to be outside for too long, i have to plan his day by doing things inside the house or inside other buildings.  this include going to the library for story time (or in his eyes running around like a crazy person), taking him to indoor playgroups (again read this as running around like a crazy person) or just drawing, playing with clay, packing and unpacking straws or packing and unpacking the cupboards or his toys. but some of the time he just wants to chill out and watch curious george or the minions. {just a bit of useless information: while i was looking (via google) for a link to the minions, i noticed the meaning of the word minion:  A minion is a follower devoted to serve his/her master/mistress relentlessly. i didn’t even know the word existed until the despicable me movies – learn something new every day.}

riley also LOVES playing with my iphone (and wayne’s ipad).  the other day he was playing with siri (he is quite an expert), and after a few baby talk moments & siri saying: “Sorry, Stephanie, I didn’t get that.”, this is the reply i got on my phone:  {the “who, me?” is from Siri – my phone}

2013-11-08 12.03.29so funny, i didn’t know riley could say all these words…

have a great wednesday!

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