life of riley video: singing along a theme song

Friday, November 15, 2013

this little man is starting to sing along with songs that he recognise like the curious george tv show that he loves.  we have to watch the theme song about 3 times before we even get to the episode (and that he wants to watch another few times).

here is a little video clip where he asked (via sign language) to listen and see the theme song again (where he signs more).  he also loves the songs and poems he sings every thursday at his rhythm and rhyme class.  his favourites are zoom, zoom, zoom; sleeping bunnies; bananas of the world and if your happy and you know it...  he asks us millions of times during the day to sing it with him.  it does get a bit much after the 15th time of zoom, zoom, zoom but we don't really mind because he loves it and the way he shows all the little moves is just so adorable.

enjoy the video and have a fantastic weekend!

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