our weekend in leicester

Thursday, August 15, 2013

we had a lovely weekend in leicester.  we stayed in a small village (and i mean small, they don’t even have ANY shops) called old dalby.  the village has a school, church, retirement home and a pub, the crown, where we had a very tasteful dinner.    it is such a cute little village with open green spaces, cottages and it is so quite, we loved it there.  we stayed in a little b&b, the cottage.  this was the best b&b we’ve ever stayed at and the breakfast was just absolutely phenomenal.  wayne even said that this was the best english breakfast he’s EVER had. 

wayne’s work function (party) was on sunday, so we drove to old dalby on saturday afternoon and got back to london around 11pm (the 2 hour drive took us almost 5 hours because of an accident).  driving there took as around 3 hours since riley (for some reason) got ill in the car. this is the first time he got ill in a car, so not too sure what the reason was for this.  luckily he was all smiles again after his mommy cleaned him up.

this is the front of the b&b.  B&Bfront_Collagethe cute cottages in old dalbyHousesinOldDalby_Collage decor in the b&bB&B_decorCollageDoors_Collage

the boss’s house Houses&Gates_Collage

riley showing us:  JIPPIE!! and how he has mastered the iphone. Riley_jippieCollage

we walked around the village and just loved the green fields, horses and open spaces. Riley&Dad_CollageIMG_5604 {aaaaah, i LOVE this little face}

riley loves giving hugs to everyone at the moment, even his teddy IMG_5570

and he loves to show us when he is unhappy about something IMG_5561Brushingteeth_Collage

this little mister was such an easy traveller (besides the getting sick in the car) and he adjust so quickly to everything we throw at him, i think we are very lucky.  even with the 5 hour drive back, he didn’t really complain, he even fell asleep and slept until the next morning 8.45am.  this was the first weekend away we’ve had since he was born (except for going to SA).  and he was such a trooper!  he made friends at the party and wanted to play with all the rocks and LOVED the bouncy castle.


and he just loves the pool.  and he is so excited that it is extremely difficult to get a decent photo of him Swimming_Collage


we had such a great time that we can’t wait for next year’s party!!

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