13 months

Monday, August 12, 2013

this little boy turned 13 months, 2 weeks ago – so he is actually now 13 months and 2 weeks.

he is so busy and all over the place (that is why it is so difficult to get a decent, not blurry photo of him), i don’t know how he is going to be when he starts walking (i think running will be more accurate).

i love riley at this age, he is so adorable!  he is talking up a storm and cracking us up on a daily basis.  if anyone can cheer me up, it’s him.  he has his own little language that almost sounds like he is speaking chinese.  it’s so fast and entirely gibberish…but the funniest thing i’ve ever heard!  i can’t wait until those are actual sentences pouring out of his mouth.  he ‘talks’ a lot and point to everything.

he still loves other people and always try to get their attention (such a charmer). 

he mimics the sounds that we are making and he has mastered meow and quack.  he also ‘says’ train, it sounds like a very nasal ‘t’ the way he pronounce it.  he says ‘oupa’ (grandpa in afrikaans).  he can point to his nose and throw both of his hands in the air when we say jippie! 

little mister has 5 teeth now.  he can climb the stairs in our house to the top without any help, not a great thing at all for this mommy. 

he loves music and he dances and claps every time he hears it.  he knows what he wants.  he will first point and ‘tell’ you what he wants and the tone of his voice will make it sound like a question.  the only problem is that when you don’t understand he will go louder and louder and get more upset every single time.  when he doesn’t like something (like food), he scrunches up his whole little face (it’s too adorable for words).

more of his personality is starting to come out.  stubborn, impatient (i wonder where that come from, wayne?)…but he is also funny, easy going and too cute for words.  he notices now when we are sad or got sore – he tries to comfort us you by putting his head on you.  he is also trying to test us when we say no to him, he gets this very naughty look on his face (i can them see wayne clearly in him) and still try to do what ever we said no to, without taking his eyes of us.

he still adores his books! it is the first thing he asks for as soon as he opens his eyes in the morning (and after his naps).  i got him a library card so that i can take  out more books, since i couldn’t keep up with him anymore. 

it still blows my mind that he is already one.  i naively thought that my days would be long and lazy with a baby to take care of.  little did i know this year would be the fastest of my life.  and to think…they say it goes faster every year…i can’t even imagine.  although with him, the passage of time has never been so clearly documented.  as i looked through old photos of when he was 2 or 3 months old, i remembered those moments exactly, like they were yesterday.  on one hand, it’s hard to remember life without him…but on the other, it doesn’t seem real that those tiny little legs are now standing, climbing up the stairs and jumping on the sofa and those perfect little lips are now talking up a storm.  but yes, it’s real…very real!  and i love him more than ever!!


{photos taken on our trip to highgate cemetery – on 1 Aug 2013}

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