riley's first bday

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

i can't believe my little man is one year old already!!
man, the time has gone so quickly!
the last couple of days before his birthday, i was sad, happy and excited all at once.  sad because i can't believe that we've had this wonderful little boy in our lives for the last year, and that he is growing up so fast.  happy because he makes us so happy and he is such a good natured, sweet, funny and awesome little boy! excited because i can't wait to do more things with him and see how he will learn and grow in to a fantastic young lad.

he had his moustache picnic bash party on saturday in battersea park.  and we had such a great day with friends and the weather was even great.

i will post more photos of his party, his invite and his first cake eating (cake bashing) experience in the next couple of days.

here is a little moving photo clip (gif) of how much he enjoyed playing (not eating) the icing on his cake.

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