Riley's 1st birthday invite & cake smashing

Thursday, July 04, 2013

i decided to have a moustache picnic bash for mr riley's first birthday.  here is the invite that i design and printed for all the guests.  i also decided to add a few interesting facts to the invite so that people know a few things about this little mister.
after breakfast, we gave riley his first taste of cake (cake smashing).

i decorated his highchair for the cake smashing with balloons (and moustaches on the strings) and a big moustache on the front of highchair (that didn't stay there for long).  i also made him a little 'one' crown - luckily he didn't mind it.

after we gave him his cake (with a candle) we left him to play (cake smashing) and taste the cake.  he had a couple of licks but didn't like it that much. even at the party he didn't eat any of the cake and sweet treats, he preferred his cheese and fruit. 

sorry for the overload of photos.

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