only a month left

Friday, February 15, 2013

being here in south africa is great and sad at the same time. 

great because our families got to meet riley and he is LOVING them.  great because he can experience the sun and the lovely outside lifestyle here.  great because all our aunts, uncles, cousins and grandma get to know this sweet little boy of mine.  great because he got to meet his nieces and nephew.  great because he got to spend his first christmas here with the family.

and then sad because wayne isn’t here.  sad because wayne is missing out on being with riley everyday and seeing all the cute things he is doing.  sad because we miss wayne so so much.  sad because i have to start thinking about going back to london in a month's time. sad because we are going to miss the family so much when we are back in the UK.

riley has grown so much since being here, he even got a bit of a tan. 
while we've been here:  he started to sit on his own.  he started eating solids, firstly with cereal and then later with veggies & fruit.  he also started with finger foods.  he went swimming (the first time in a very small pink pool).  he went for his first swimming lessons.  experienced christmas with the family.  met santa - and wasn't even scared.  found his voice and is starting to ‘talk’ more and more.  met the family.  stayed such a sweet natured & friendly little boy.  got to experience the ocean and beach (he loved the water and sand between his toes).  saw pets like cats and dogs for the first time - and absolutely LOVE them. and even got baptist here. 

it is going to be so hard for us both when we have to leave here (in a month’s time, to be exact).  we will miss the family, sun, outdoors and heat.  i think it will be hard for riley to get use to the cold again.  the only thing i’m super excited about is seeing my lovely husband again (for that we can’t wait!!).  

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