we are back in london after 4 months in sunny SA

Thursday, March 21, 2013

im not going to say that i am super excited to be back. but i am very very glad to be back with my lovely husband and have riley spending time with his dad.  

coming back it was difficult to get use to the weather again, since we've been here we've not really seen the sun but at least it wasn't raining today.

riley is LOVING spending time with his dad. especially the last 3 days that he was off from work.  

the long flight was a bit hard on riley, but he is back to his own loveable self.

we had fun today by playing in the empty box (where his highchair was in); he loved sitting and eating (and playing) in his new highchair and crawling around the house and inspecting everything. he is such a boy!

i will put some photos off our time in SA on the blog very soon.

have a fun spring day!

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