Series: 9 months

Saturday, March 30, 2013

my little baby is 9 months old!! its just unbelievable!  it's very scary to think that in 3 months time, he will be 1 year old!! oh my, i just don't want to think about that now.
this little man is a very busy little boy and now that he can crawl (and he is very fast), you need to have eyes and ears on him the WHOLE time because he WILL touch / pull / chew on EVERYTHING he can see and get his hands on. 
he's gotten so big (and even prettier - i know i am biased because i am his mommy - but he is!).  and man can i tell you, he is going to be a real naughty (in a nice boy way) little lad.  you can even see it in his eyes and expressions now. 
he LOVES pulling his dads leg and chest hair (and he just loves it when you cringe with pain). 
he is doing this cute little thing now when you change him:  he takes his foot and put the big toe in his mouth, and then his ONE and only tooth (came out the 18th March - just after i got back from SA) will tickle that toe and he will start giggling.  but now he has noticed that we start laughing at him (because we find it so damn adorable) when he does that, so now he takes his foot and brings it almost to his mouth and then he will look at us, to see our reaction and he will still laugh (giggle) about it even if the toe didn't touch his mouth.
he still loves his food.  and get very impatient when he needs to wait for more than 2 min.  he's been eating chicken and fish and love them both.  next week i will try to make him a pasta meal. 
he gets super excited when he sees his daddy in the evenings and can't wait to play hide and seek with him.
he still makes little airplane noises - his daddy taught him that when he was in SA (this was in Jan).
he loves waving bye to himself in the mirror and when his daddy leaves the room.
he is also drinking rooibos tea in the mornings - and he loves it!
it is still a struggle sometimes to get him to play on his own, especially if i am sitting with him in the room.  then he would rather stand against me.
he is also getting very 'windgat' (cocky) by standing against the furniture without holding onto it anymore.
he will also make sure that you know when he isn't happy about something - like when i try to take his apple piece away from him (when i want to make sure he can't bite of any chunks). 
he is such a sweet, happy and friendly little man. we just love him to bits and can't  get enough of him!!
{ps. it's becoming a real challenge to take photos of him because he just CAN'T sit still. - this he got from his daddy. :)}

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