healthy little one

Friday, November 09, 2012

this laughing out load, very vocal and grabbing (touching) everything in sight, little boy now weighs 7.8kg and is 63cm tall.

hope you all have a fantastic weekend! we have riley's TB injection on saturday & a mini photoshoot (that the little mister won at the babyshow) on sunday.

i also have a week left, then we are off to SA! i am so excited and can't wait anymore!!

{ps in the last photo - that little face is telling me to get home already - because i need to sleep!}

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  1. aw, he is the most gorgeous little boy on earth...
    can't wait for you both to visit! so soon!!
    can't wait to see the photos from the photoshoot...

    miss you sooo much...
    love always xx


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