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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

we had a weekend with not a lot of sleep.  the little mister decided that sleep is over-rated so he is not sleeping that much at night.  we also went to our friend willie & jonathan's wedding (civil partnership). all 3 of us had so much fun.  riley was such a sweetie the whole night and totally stole everyones hearts.  he had so much fun that he was totally zonked out when we got home and slept for almost 7 hours straight.  {photos above is riley & the outfit he had on at the wedding & then on our way to the wedding}.

i've been looking at photos on my computer the last couple of days (i want to print a few and frame them), and this made me think of our honeymoon and also some of the other countries we've been to.  i see sandy beaches and feel like doing absolutely nothing but just to enjoy the sun, food and each other.  i miss that.  i do get sad sometimes thinking that Wayne and i will never have a trip like that together again, or at least in the way in which we experienced our previous trips.

but that is the way it's supposed to be so that i can treasure those memories forever, but now we are building a whole new set of memories that includes not just the two of us...but 3 of us.  and that actually makes me feel proud.  proud that we made this beautiful little human being and proud that we are on this journey together.  yes, it's a challenge.  and yes, i certainly have days of missing my independence and, let's be honest...selfishness.  but just one little smile & laugh from riley and every selfish desire is immediately wiped away.  i mean, just look at that face up there! how is it possible to love someone that much?

now we can take trips together as a family & show riley all the different places and cultures. this makes me so excited! luckily we are off to our first trip together - in less than 2 weeks we (just me & riley, at first) will be in sunny south africa with the family!  i am so excited and can't wait anymore!

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  1. he is absolutely gorgeous...!!! he looks so much like you...
    i miss you soo much, and can't wait for the visit from you and Riley, and later on Wayne...
    looking so forward to this!

    love you always xx


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