jubilee weekend & painting the nursery

Friday, June 08, 2012

we celebrated the queen's diamond jubilee over the weekend and it was fantastic to see all the things they had planned for the weekend.  saturday most of the streets had their own street parties; on sunday there was the boats / floats on the river thames with the queen & her family; monday evening they had the concert & picnic in front of buckingham palace & on tuesday there was the church service at St Paul's and the royal family watching the crowds & fly-by of planes from the balcony.  some of the well-known products in london even changed their brand naming & packaging for this special occasion.  (and there was british flags EVERYWHERE).

the bread is normally named Kingsmill; normally Kit Kat; a british flag projection on Buckingham Palace & british flags in a shopping centre.
even M&M's made a jubilee limited edition pack.  this has nothing to do with the jubilee BUT it was SO funny when i noticed wayne's colour combination - and that is how he went to work on friday. (hiehiehie)

packing the last things in ducky's room away; choosing the right blue for his room & then taping the corners and ceiling so that wayne can start to paint.

putting plastic on the floor (to make sure no paint is spilled) & we picked this blue (sky blue) for ducky's nursery 

wayne starting to paint & what the walls look like now.  

we just LOVE the colour and it goes so well with all of the other colours in ducky's nursery.

as soon as his room is completely finished i will take some photos & add them here.

have a great weekend!!

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  1. Love the color for ducky's room!! beautiful! really! wish i was there to help you guys...
    the white fireplace looks amazing with that blue on the walls...

    Miss you tons and tons...
    Love you always!


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