happy happy birthday, brother in law!

happy birthday, Greg!
have a FANTASTIC day! 
hope you get spoiled on this BIG birthday (can't believe you are 40 years old, old man!)
{photo of Greg as a little boy - wayne's favourite photo}

our foggy relaxing weekend

we spent our weekend relaxing, getting healthy & spending some quality time together.  the photo above was taken on sunday when the whole day was foggy and just plain miserable winter weather.

i hope you all have a fantastic week!

latest photos on my phone

over the weekend we walked around in Chelsea (a RICH area in london).  we ate lunch at this cute pub.  LOVE the photo of wayne!! saw christmas decorations & christmas trees up everywhere (can’t believe it’s almost Christmas AND the end of 2011).

i saw a lovely sunsrise on my way in to work.  my hubby opening up our front door for me – after a VERY long day at work.

katinka & fred (the dog) & katinka on her way to her swimming class.  i LOVE getting these photos from my family back home. 

i hope everyone had a fantastic week so far. i am looking forward to this weekend! this week was way too long and exhausting for me!

lately on my phone…

row 1:  old buildings in london & british flag
row 2:  autumn leaves in our back garden & an old  funny shaped tree in the park
row 3:  halloween decorations at the spur restaurant & wayne with his popcorn goodie bag at the movies
row 4:  the only cars we can afford
row 5:  jacaranda tree in south africa (from my sister, heleen) & autumn tree near our house
row 6:  my sister heleen and christiaan (my cousins little boy) & katinka
row 7:  my sister karlien sent me these awesome photos of katinka & her feet slippers
{source:  click on image}
we went to see the adventures of tintin over the weekend & the CGI is just AMAZING but i didn’t like it, it was a bit boring for me & also felt like it took FOREVER to finish.  wayne actually enjoyed it more than me, but i think it’s got to do with the fact that he actually read the comic books when he was younger and i didn’t.

i made this: turtle doorstop

the last gift in my friend’s gift box (see the other here & here) is this super cute turtle doorstop.

isn’t she adorable!!
i started this little doorstop thinking it’s going to be easy, but OH MY! it took such a long time to make this because in the end i had to hand stitch most of the detail on this little girl.  i think the finished product is so so cute.  i will definitely make more of these & i think she will even make a very cute stuffed animal for your bed.
have a creative wednesday!

happy 21st my little sis!

i just want to say a VERY HAPPY birthday to my little sister, Janine on her 21st birthday!

oh my, i can't believe that you turned 21 today! it feels like just the other day that you embarrassed heleen by making cartwheels in the shopping centre!  i've always had so much fun with you and feel quite sad that i can't spend you special birthday with you today.

have a fantastic day my sis! i wish you all the happiness & good fortune for your future!

wayne & myself wish we could spend today with you but we will make up for it when we see you in 4 months time!

LOVE you always!! xx

our halloween

this was our first halloween that we decided to decorate & give candy to the little kids in our area.  we use to live in flats before & no trick or treaters will show up there.  since we are from south africa - it's also a new thing for us to celebrate halloween.  it was our first time carving pumpkins & i think for our first time - they came out pretty cute! (not that scary though).

i think wayne had more fun than the children in our neighbourhood.  loads of kids where walking around in the streets trick & treating, and we ran out of candy in the first hour or so.  wayne rushed out to go and buy some more since he didn't want any children showing up at our front door and be disappointed because they couldn't get any candy.

on one of the occasions when we opened the door (wayne with his scary mask on) gave a little boy such a fright that he was too scared to come and get his candy.

we had so much fun & can't wait for halloween next year!

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