i made this: homemade lavender bath salt

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

remember the cute package i made for a friends birthday? (click here to see it again). today i will show you the little birthday card i made with it & also the lavender bath salt.  she got inside the wrapped box:  homemade lavender bath salt; bunting birthday card; turtle doorstop (will show you this next week).

i used a glass cool drink bottle for the homemade lavender bath salt.  made a label on my computer; added some buttons for decoration to the top & made a little label on a nylon string.  the lavender bath salt was so very easy to make:  epsom salt & about 6 drops (depending on how big your bottle is) of your favourite essential oil. and as easy as that you have your own homemade bath salt.

have a happy crafty day!!

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  1. this is so cool! and a very cute idea for a birthday present, can't wait to see the turtle doorstop! :)

    i absolutely love this !
    I'll try it sometime!

    love you and missing you loads and loads


  2. the doorstop would make a great gift for a newborn baby!


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