sunny summer weekend

Monday, October 03, 2011

we had such an amazing weekend!! and we even had fantastic weather.  we spend all day saturday, after a lovely champagne breakfast at home, in kingston & richmond.  we go to richmond & kingston quite often, like here, here and here.  and yesterday we spend our sunday doing some gardening & late afternoon we had a barbeque (or braai).

our breakfast saturday

in kingston we had frappicino’s from starbucks

in the bus on our way to richmond

wayne in richmond park (this was after our picnic – ‘magie vol, ogies toe’ [in english: tummy full, eyes getting heavy] – sounds better in afrikaans).

it was very strange to see autumn everywhere around us – but it felt like summer

when the sun is out in london – people are sitting outside in parks and just enjoy the sun

on sunday we did some gardening

wayne played around

he played peek-a-boo (behind our olive tree)

then late afternoon

we had a braai (barbeque)

(photo right is an aeroplane that went past us)

our last days of september was warmer than the whole of this summer.  so it was just fantastic to have started the long winter months with a very sunny & hot weekend like this one.

hope you all had a fabulous weekend, have a great week!

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  1. the photos are really pretty, and it's so busy outside when it gets hot in london, look at all those people in the parks!

    the champagne breakfast looks delicious, wish i was there to join you both!

    i'm glad you had a wonderful weekend!

    love you always!



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