photo's of our long weekend

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

here is the photo's of our long weekend. we went to richmond & kingston on saturday & monday. we were very lucky that on both days the weather was pretty amazing. we had so much fun and enjoy that area alot. so relaxing even with all the old people there (hiehiehie).
eating lunch in a pub in richmond
sitting next to the thames river that runs through richmond.
having lunch, wayne has sausage & mash and i have chicken salad.
'fallen' red phone boxes in kingston. boats & loads of people enjoying themselves in the sun.
wayne in his 'soldier' pose next to a little soldier in front of a chocolate shop
watching cricket in richmond
like i said we had so much fun. just a lovely relaxing weekend. just sorry that this is the last long weekend until christmas.
hopefully we will go back this weekend (if the weather will allow us) for the boat races.


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  1. Hi sis, you look soooo pretty... wish I was there with you... Love you always


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