london boat race

Monday, September 07, 2009

saturday was the annual london boat race. it was also the first time the boats ended in richmond (and that's close to us).
we really enjoyed it! even if wayne wasn't his normal self; probably because he worked until 4am on saturday morning. he set a ban on all hugs, hand holding and kisses for the whole day. and for all of you who know me; that was horrible and very hard not to ask for affection & some hand holding.

here is a few pictures of us at the boat race.

wayne staring at the boats & river thames

the donkeys ready for some riding

there were 2 guys, dressed in these outfits riding around on dolphins - that could even blow bubbles and made dolphin noises (wayne struggled to get a photo of them...they were fast)

mother swan & her 'ugly' ducklings

a river boat

the competitors in the boat race (the race was for charity)

more boats


a huge tree with balloons in

we had such a lovely day!
the weather wasn't the greatest but at least it wasn't raining.

NOW let's have a FANTASTIC week!!

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