i made this: LOVE poster

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

awhile ago a saw a picture in a magazine of a LOVE poster made by a well-known artist (not too sure, actually can’t remember anymore, the artist name or the magazine name – so unfortunately i can’t provide a link).  so i decided to make my own, and this is my attempt – and i LOVE it!

i LOVED making this! it wasn’t the easiest diy i have ever tried but it was actually easier than i thought it would be.  no i just need to attach it to one of our walls.

i also saw this cute apple cozy on the web:

here is my one:

i think this is so cute & the positive thing about this is that my apples won’t bruise in my ‘overstuffed’ handbag anymore. 
this was also so easy to make & didn’t even take me an hour.
have a happy crafty wednesday!

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  1. cutest diys!! i love the love diy, and i can't wait to see your next diys!

    love you always!!


  2. these are really gorgeous DIYs!


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