birthday weekend

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

i had such a FANTASTIC birthday on friday that i got permission from wayne to have a birthday weekend (since he always has a birthday week).
he took me to an italian restaurant a bus trip away from us.  it is this tiny little (very italian) restaurant with an old italian guy (we think he is the owner) he is WAY tooo old to work.  he runs all over the place but doesn’t look like he does anything really.  my boss said to me once that you know the food at an italian restaurant is going to be good when their service is crappy.  and this was definitely the case.

waiting for the bus & the grey clouds

on the bus

our berry cocktails {we waited SO SO long for this}

{the old lady in the background is the one that works with the money}

and end a FANTASTIC evening with italian coffee (was so good)

if you’ve missed it – i said a MASSIVE thank you to everyone for all the LOVE i got on my bday with THIS post.

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  1. looks like you had a wonderful evening! I'm glad Wayne spoiled you a little! The cocktails look amazing!! I love the photo of you and Wayne on the bus, you both looks very pretty :) (don't tell wayne I used the word "pretty" to describe him! ^_^ )

    Wish is was there to celebrate your birthday with you!

    i love you so much!


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