thank you!

Friday, July 29, 2011

it is sometimes so hard to spend birthdays (and other celebrations) away from home and in a country far away from family & friends.

so i just want to say THANK YOU for EVERY sms (text message), facebook message, tweet & email i got on my special day.

ALSO a big thank you to che for sending me a birthday cake:

happy birthday steph

and for a LOVELY post on my sister, Janine’s, blog (click here to see the post).

thank you – and i LOVE you all!!! xx

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  1. I absolutely adore che's blog! :) she's the cutest for "making" you that cake ^_^! Hope you had a fantastic day! And I hope Wayne spoiled you "almost" to death!

    I love you always and always!
    missing you like tons!

    wish I could send you some smarties (without it getting lost in the mail)!


  2. I love the feet.. haaa ha ha

    I think its brilliantly done and well done to its creator.

    very artistic just like you stephs

    Im very intrested in seein more of this persons blog

    take care
    Im at work now but still thinking of you... always



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