weekend, rain & harry potter

Monday, July 18, 2011

this past weekend the weather was miserable; with rain, rain and more rain.  this can only mean that we are missing out on a summer this year.  it’s already past mid july & the londoners are still wearing jackets & cardigans. 

we stayed indoors most of the time and i kept myself busy with the plans for our birthday BBQ (braai) on sunday (hopefully it won’t rain); i made origami flowers to decorate the house; made origami hearts & made cake pops.  i also created a cleaning schedule as part of my getting organised plan.  this schedule will make it easier for us to keep the house clean & in chip chop shape by cleaning a specific room in the house every day.  the only days that will be different are fridays & saturdays.  fridays we will have a evening off from housework & then on saturdays we will vacuum & mop the whole house.  i really hope this will help me to get a better balance between house & work & personal time. 

on friday night we went to see a VERY late showing of the last and latest harry potter.  it was sad to see the end of harrry potter & i did enjoy the movie.  i enjoyed the last 4 more than the first ones.  i LOVED the story they wanted to portray about all the different characters and how they have changed throughout the movie.  for example neville – he was just awesome, especially if you have to compare him to how he was in the beginning. he couldn’t fly on his broom, or even do easy spells and he was so courageous in the last movie.  i also LOVED the few flashes we saw of the first harry potters, in there it is just extraordinary to notice how all the actors have grown.

i hope you all will have a fantastic week!


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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed Harry Potter! :) sounds like you had a busy weekend and sounds like you got a lot of things done! Hope the bad weather clears up soon and that you Londoners can have a few last days of summer before winter starts again! :)

    I love you so much my sister!
    Missing you always!
    Take care xx


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