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Friday, July 15, 2011

instagram photos on my iphone:

1: berry yoghurt dessert; 2:  homemade bread; 3:  homemade chicken pie & baked potatoes

4:  popcorn with crackly chocolate – as a snack at work; 5:  me; 6:  wayne’s lunchbox: ham & salad wrap with grapes, finger biscuits & fruitbar

7:  red nails; 8:  blue sky & clouds; 9:  this mornings blue sky.

as mentioned before in various posts on here; i am trying very hard to make homemade meals EVERY night and make a healthy & filling lunchbox for wayne & myself every day.  so far the easiest thing for me is to start on a sunday & collect & choose all the recipes i want to make for the following week.  i try to add 1 night with only veggies & no meat & another night with fish as the meat & then on friday’s an easy meal.  then i work out our grocery list.  order the food. write it down on our menu board in the kitchen.  this makes my life SO much easier when i get home in the evenings after work.  i use to grab something out of the freezer in the morning when i left the house and then when i get home at 7pm, i then have to decide what to make with it.  and the other reason i think this way is better because i/we got tired of the same meals every time.  with using recipes that i get from either the internet, my cookbooks or from sainsbury’s (our local grocery shop – they use jamie oliver to create recipes for them), we get to try something new every night & also something i would NEVER have thought to do myself.

i should actually do a post on this every week…

last night i made sesame seed fish balls (like fishcakes but with sesame seeds rather than dough) with egg noodles & mange tout.  i must admit the next time i make it, i will add more spices to this was a bit too bland for my tasting (but don’t think this will happen because wayne didn’t like it). i personally don’t think it was that bad – i actually liked it more than i thought i was going to.

i wish you all a FANTASTIC weekend filled with fun & laughter!!!

we are coming up to our birthday’s, so i will add my birthday wish list next week! (will get the hubby to do his too).

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  1. oh! I love the photos this week! the popcorn looks so yummy! :)
    i think it's such a great idea that you have your meals planned out ahead! sounds awesome! think i should come and stay with you guys, I's love to have those lunchbox in for work! xx

    ps! I'm so excited to see your and wayne's wishlists for you birthdays! :)

    ps agian... ;) I love you always and miss you loads!


  2. thank you my sussie!
    i still need to convince wayne to do it. i will put the post together for him, all i need is his ideas for the wish list (that should work, right?)

    yes this way works the best - takes me a lot of time & effort on the sunday but then i don't have to worry about it for the rest of the week! xx

  3. sure, it would absolutely work! :) All you need is his ideas and then its all good! ;)

    can only imagine how time consuming it could be to prepare for everything on the Sunday, but like you said, what's done is done... :)

    love you always my sis! xx


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