i made this: bbq goodies

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

happy hump day / little saturday, everyone!

with the bbq we had on sunday i made a few diy creations to brighten up our backyard.  i stamped these for our cutlery:

i got the idea from here {click on photo to see the source}:

i also created these newspaper bunting {click on photo to see the source}:

i used book pages that was still left from when i made our wedding invitations:

and lastly, to provide some colour for the brown fence behind the table i created this {click on photo to see source}: 

this was SUPER easy – i think it took me like 5 min to cut out the paper, make holes & add them on a ribbon:

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  1. those are gorgeous! you are so creative! :) i absolutely adore the buntings you made! and it's a great idea for the cutlery :)

    i love you always! xxx

  2. stephy you are way to creative

    you are definately in the wrong field of work

    think you must start to sell your crafts so I can finally buy that ferrari

    come on love


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