bbq (braai) over the weekend

Monday, July 25, 2011

because our birthdays are a week apart, we decided to have a joint bbq/braai at our house with a few friends.  and we had such a FANTASTIC day on sunday!

on saturday i stamped our initials on the wooden cutlery, used our sweetie table bags & stickers to wrap the cutlery in:
as a 5min DIY i quickly made a paper bunting for behind the table:
because it was sunny & felt like summer for the first time in about 2 weeks - i decided to not add real flowers right in the sun but rather use the origami flowers i made.
i made the yummies (hope that is a word) flat bread as a snack.  i got the recipe from smitten kitchen.
in the photo above you can almost see (bottom) the mojito's i made.  it was raspberry & mint mojitos.  was a bit strong but a good start to a excellent day in the sun with friends.
the boys:
the beautiful blue sky.
here is a few photos of our house.
the book bunting on the stairs (left photo), i used left over papes from the books i used with our wedding invitations to make these.
i hope everyone had a fantastic weekend & have a great week!!

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  1. brilliant food
    brilliant company

    and steph, you did a fantastic job.

    the day was fantastic, had the best time, weather played its part to.

    Just a pity I never got to shoot willie with my TANK. :(

    love you

  2. wow! Looks stunning! you did a fantastic job, i can see from the photos you've put in loads of effort for this party and as I know (from talking to you about it before the party). I'm so glad you had a great time! The raspberry and mint mojito's looks so delicious, hope you'll make me some when you visit us again soon! I love the paper bunting you made for behind the table as well as the book bunting from the stairs! (think those are my favorites!) I wish my home looked like yours do, I could spend most of my time there!

    I'm so glad the weather played nice and that you where able to have the braai and everything outside! Hope you have a stunning day my lovely sister! Love the photo from the sky you took!

    I love you always and always!
    Missing you loads! xx


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