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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

on saturday we had such a sunny & warm day, it really felt like spring.  we had to wait for our gas provider (for the house).  the appointment was from 8am until 1pm.  so we got up early, showered & had breakfast. did a few things in the house & by 2pm STILL no engineer.  hubby gave them a call and they said that the engineer has been trying to phone us & can’t get hold of us (BUT WE HAVE BEEN HOME ALL MORNING).  then we were told that the engineer is running late and won’t be in time to meet us.  and they can’t tell us when he will (eventually) show up.  we decided to hang around until 5pm (when they close). 

i got us salads to sit outside in the sun for lunch. 

by 4pm wayne was FED-UP.  he said that he’s waited LONG enough for this stupid * (* won’t use the REAL word wayne used here) engineer, we wasted our WHOLE saturday AND this AWESOME weather at the house.

so by 5pm we left the house (still no sign OR even phone call) from the engineer or the gas company.

we walked around in town:

  even found a ‘Swann’ grave

and sat in a book store, reading books AND then the ‘stupid’ gas engineer phoned (at 10 to 6, even though they only work until 5pm) and said that he is at our front door now…  wayne said to him that we are about 45min away from the house, will he wait.  NO he can’t wait & he even said to wayne that we were expecting him so why are we not home (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!) wayne told him the story AND that he was told that they only work until 5pm that is why we left.  of course he couldn’t say anything about that…

now we have to phone them back AND make ANOTHER appointment for this weekend.  lets hope for the best! 

on sunday, the weather was grey and not sunny – like saturday (typical).  we went down to covent garden to drink some tea & coke (for wayne) and just walk around and stare at ALL the strange people.

  clever wayne

today the weather is simply gorgeous.  i walked past one of the most beautiful station (i think so) in london – Kings Cross Station, and took these photos

on my way to work i also walk past this church (called the crib) and noticed these statues on the building

hope everyone had a GREAT week so far.

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  1. oh wow!! really cool photos!! especially the grave ones and the last one with the statues!! :)
    I wish i could've been with you this weekend, really miss you my sister! :)
    love you so much!! xx

  2. Yip the weather was awsum, steph forgot to mention how grumpy I was, i call it my grump MOMMETER, it was sky high, but steph been her cute self went out and bought a lovely lunch and we sat out the back

    thanks for always putting me first
    love you girl

  3. Aw, Wayne!

    Didn't know you can be this sweet! :) hahahaha!! joking promise! :)

  4. Oh for the love... what is wrong with people?? You waited WAY longer than any sane person would and the guy STILL got mad at you for not being there?? I'd call a different company if you could. They don't deserve your business if they don't bother to show up when they say they will. How irritating!


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