a sunny thursday sky-ness

Thursday, March 24, 2011

11.03.24 Thursday sky-ness
spring is here….spring is here……spring is here….woohoo!!!!
this is what our sky looks like today! the only thing i’m wondering is HOW long will these sunny days last?  it’s not like london is known for very consistent weather…. oh no…. here the sun can shine one minute and the next you  have to walk around with an umbrella.
the ONLY bad thing about a lovely day like this is the fact that i have to sit in the office ALL DAY!  and won’t be able to enjoy the sun (and bit of heat that goes with it).  by the time that i can go home – it’s almost dark and probably overcast again.  therefore i am SO glad that the clocks are changing on sunday, for daylight savings time.  and then we will only be 1 hour behind SA.
i wish everyone a wonderful sunny day! 

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  1. oh cool love the photo! can't wait till daylight savings time, because that means I can spend an hour more a day talking to you when we're at work! :)
    missing you soooo much!
    love you always my lovely sister!

  2. england is so beautiful in the summer

    the flowers , so many colours , the birds, smell of grass in the parks and the fields are full of people to, everyone is even in a better mood, must be something in the water, just wish it was more consistant

    looks like im not the only one that has a buit in grumpmommeter over the winter

    its wierd going to bed at 10pm and its just getting dark

    love you


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