thursday goodies

Thursday, October 07, 2010

it’s thursday baby…oh yeah.

what a lovely day it is today here in london… (this was taken on my way to work this morning)

10.10.07 Sunny morning

WAY better than this:  (this was over the weekend)

10.10.03 Rainy weather

i am so glad that it’s thursday.  it felt like SUCH a loooooong week. 

wayne bought a few winter tops for himself & here is one iron fist one; he was modelling them for me… (nips this is just for you)

10.10.03 Wayne & iron Fist

he is SUCH a cutie… in ‘almost’ 3 months time i will be married to him… CAN’T wait!

sorry for the not too great quality photo’s. they have all been taken with my iphone over the last month & a bit because i still need to buy a cable for my camera (since my previous one got stolen).

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  1. Wayne is an ASSSS!!! I want one!! I love that!! :) Tell him I think he is a "DROL"!! Love the other photo's, started raining now, our first rain for the summer! :) love you sis!


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