our time wasting weekend

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

i will start my post of with an awesome photos (fine it would be awesome if i had a proper camera with me) of the sunrise this morning while i was waiting for my train.
10.10.26 Sunrise.i10.10.26 Sunrise
this weekend was mostly a time wasting exercise for me and w.  ONLY plus point was that i got a wedding band… and it should be ready in 4-6 weeks. 
we EVENTUALLY got wayne’s pocket watch engraved.  after running around (for 2 days) to find another one because the engraving company made a bit of a ‘cock-up’. 
10.10.24 W&new watch
wayne, kind of fed up, after eventually finding one in oxford street.
10.10.24 W&new watch.i
all smiles since he got his new watch and the engraving looks so cool!  was a VERY expensive mistake for the engraving company.
after waiting for tons of busses, trains & tube rides we made our way home after a long day… to see this…
10.10.24 Rainbow.i
a lovely rainbow. (it didn’t come out as colourful as it was with the iphone but at least you can still see it).
we had some coffee, wayne had a rocky road cupcake…
10.10.24 Coffee Heart
we stared at all the pretty ceiling of a building…
10.10.24 Roof of Mall.i10.10.24 Roof of Mall.ii
was shocked that the lights in oxford street is up (luckily still to be switched on)…
10.10.24 Sun&Building
and then it was monday and then tuesday again.  wow, i think weekends are WAY to short.
have fun this week!!

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  1. cool, love the cupcake and coffee photo!! but I have to agree with you, weekends are way too short!! I miss you!!


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