cold friday wishes

Friday, October 22, 2010

you know that winter is here when; london people go from friendly (a very tiny bit) to all the way MOODY; having to unpack your winter closet; everyone on the street has hat, scarves & warm jackets on; just wanting to eat warm food & drink warm drinks; walking past people’s houses and noticing the smoke coming out of the heating vents (this is an indication that their heating is on) AND that the sun is currently coming up at 7.31am in the morning & going down at 5.55pm (and this is before the daylight savings time change on 31st of this month – this is when the time changes with an hour).  from the 1st of november we will then be 2 hours behind the lovely people of SA.
Just to show you HOW cold it has been these last couple of day… this photo was taken of hyde park (park in london) yesterday morning.  and yes that is frost on the grass.
10.10.21 London Frost {photo via:  thisislondon}
every morning i walk from the station to my office, i always look at ALL the beautiful buildings around me.
this was a window that i saw this morning…
10.10.21 Old building10.10.21 Window   if you look closely you will notice that the window is frosted & has the company logo on it – the date on the building is:  1908.
last night (on my way home – and waiting for my train); i took this photo.  the door has been baffeling me for awhile now.  can’t really understand why it is there.  and there is NO stairs to it or indication of ever having stairs.  the only thing i can think of is that this train station building was split in 2 & that door was on the second floor… what do you think?
10.10.21 Door @ station.i
{all photos taken with my iphone).
wishing EVERYONE a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. I loved the photo of the window with the company logo on... Damn, I miss winter, summer is too hot here in South-Africa!!

    The door is pretty weird, but I think your theory might be correct.

    I miss you so much!!
    see you soon!! :D


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