sunny winter day in good old london

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the winter is definitely here… today’s temperature is only 0 (for the minimum) and 7 for the maximum.  but you would never say that if you sit inside a warm building and look outside.  it looks sunny, with a blue blue sky and with no wind.
i took a few photos on my iphone…
10.10.20 Sunny morning
this was taken this morning when i was waiting for my train.
10.10.20 Building & blue sky   
a pretty building with a VERY blue sky
10.10.20 London buildings
more london buildings
10.10.20 Pretty building
just another pretty building
10.10.20 Street lamp
london streetlamp & the sun hiding behind it
10.10.20 Sun & trees
the sun coming through a tree
it’s time for coats & scarves & gloves & hats now that winter is here.  i actually LOVE winter clothes, they are all warm & cosy; it’s just that i don’t seem to warm up – i always joke and say that my thermostat doesn’t work.  the only way for me to get warm is to ‘steal’ heat from someone.  and that someone is most of the time wayne.  and let me tell you, he HATES it.
10.10.20 S & hat   
here i have a warm hat on to keep the cold away from my ears.  and since they say that you loose all your heat from your head.  i definitely want to keep the bit of heat i have in me. 
in wedding news:  all the invitations has gone out now.  i hope that everyone will get theirs (especially the SA people, since the post office over there has a BLACK HOLE where a big chunk of mail falls in).

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  1. hahaha!! we definitely have a "BLACK" hole!! :) I miss you so much, and I LOVE the hat.. I also love the photo you took this morning when you where waiting for the train. Winter is probably my favourite season on all! So enjoy it! Love you so much my big sis! :)


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