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Friday, October 01, 2010

i’ve been m.i.a. from here for a few days now; sorry for that. i’ve been very busy at work & in the evenings (when i eventually get home), i am so tired & then i still have to work on our invites; i don’t seem to have time for anything else.  to make up for it i will have more than 1 photo here today.

i found these photos & thought i will share them with you.

a lovely sunset over trafalgar square:10.06.00 Trafalgar Sq

wayne on the bus:10.06.00 Wayne on bus 

playing with my food – out on a picnic:10.07.00 Steph & big Smile

wayne eating a yummy magnum icecream:10.07.00 Wayne & Magnum

the mayor of london is a BIG fan of cycling;  so he started the ‘barclays cycle hire’ scheme.  with this you can hire a bicycle for up to 30minutes for free (if  you become a member).  i think the bicycle’s look very snazzy.  there is quite a lot of people taking advantage of this

10.09.30 Barclays cycles 

a bit of blue skies we had yesterday (didn’t last very long though).  10.09.30 blue sky @ work1

and finally the view out of my office …10.09.30 view @ work1

have a FANTASTIC weekend!

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  1. wow, the bicycle thing is actually a good idea, but I think that here in south africa it would definitely not work, it would be stolen! ;)
    missing you so much!!


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