smelly bride

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i read an interesting (and luckily old) little fact today.  i got this from a old glamour magazine:   
in the 1500’s most people got married in june because they took their yearly bath in may, and therefore would still smell pretty good in june.  however to mask the bit of smell that is already coming through, the bride would carry a bouquet of flowers & herbs to hide the smell.  Hence the custom today of carrying a bouquet when getting married.
i am SO SO glad that we don’t live in the 1500’s (or before).
in anyway …
a couple of weeks ago, wayne took me to watch my first football (soccer) match at manchester united grounds (old trafford).  it was so funny to see all these people (men, women & even kids) work themselves up in a frenzy for a game (match).  i had a lot of fun (even if wayne got a bit irritated with me – i tend to ask A LOT of questions if i don’t understand something).  wayne took me there because he became a official member of their club (i think is what it’s called) and he can get discount on tickets now. 
here is a few pictures when he got his membership card.  as soon as i have a cable to download my photos on a computer i will post the rest of the photos i took on the day.
this is the box the card, books & info came in; this is what the old trafford use to look (on the left) and look now (on the right)
 10.09.00 Wayne MUFC Membership1
the membership card:10.09.00 Wayne MUFC Membership2
wayne (one happy little ‘frog’) with his membership box10.09.00 Wayne MUFC Membership

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  1. yearly?! oh my goodness! Could you imagine how awful that would be? ps. I am so jealous of the Man U match!

  2. hahaha!!! I love Wayne's face in the last photo, he looks so impressed with himself! :) Missing you! xx


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