car boot fair weekend

Monday, September 27, 2010

i hope you all had a FANTASTIC weekend! 
on saturday we went to westfield shopping centre (HUGE shopping centre here in london) to find the last of wayne’s wedding attire. 
it was a huge success – the only thing left now for him is his accessories.
this was taken after all the shopping, with both of us having a coffee to take a breather & relax a bit.
10.09.25 Wayne & shopping
at the shopping centre they had a fashion show & a car boot fair of all the major clothing shops in the centre.  they painted or covered cars with goodies & clothes from that specific shop and displayed it in the centre for all to see. 
here are 2 of the best:
10.09.25 Car boot Fair 10.09.25 Car boot Fair1
the one with the birds; is from Swarovski the crystal jewellery place (you can see the crystals in the birds’ mouths).
have a GREAT monday & enjoy the last week of september 2010!

{photos: iphone}

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  1. I was really clapped out that day, but was a relief to find my clothes


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