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Sunday, July 04, 2010

here is a few words from wayne about what we did on saturday:

saturday was a real blast from the past,  almost like i went back in time ,  walthamstow has so many fond memories for me,  it has a wide diversity of people,  a market that makes a normal 5 min walk into a obstacle course to doge the thousands of people selling there goods.   but the main reason I was there was to retrace my steps.  its the house where we used a shopping trolly as a BBQ,  where the mice were part of the furniture,  but most of all the characters that came through the doors every few months.  But the greatest and best part of NUM 4 was where i walked into the lounge and saw steph.  Its where we fell in love so for that reason, it will always remain a part of our lives,  we will never forget you... walthamstow.

after walthamstow we got on the train to liverpool street & then on the bus down to trafalgar square.  here is a few pictures of the city:

{sorry for the blurry photo}
when we got to trafalgar square they had a gay, transvestite & bisexual day.  there was quite a few characters hanging around there and unfortunately i didn't get pictures of them.  

and our sunday was spend relaxing, shopping for the week & some packing.

my cousin & her fiancee has gone back to SA & i can't believe that their 2 weeks holiday here is over.  

some photos of their visit.

the last 2 photos was taken after melanie & ss got engaged - this is so exciting!!

hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! 

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  1. aw, I wish I could've been there with you... Miss you so much... Love you sis! xx :)


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