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Sunday, August 08, 2010

it's been awhile...
for the last couple of weeks we have been VERY busy.
1.  we packed all our belongings for our move
2.  we moved from the flat to our new house
3.  unpacked as much as possible
4.  had willie over for a weekend visit
5.  in between all this we were working, and quite busy too
6.  we celebrated our birthdays
7.  we went to watch oliver, the play
8.  went to Lille (France) for a day
9.  even had our very first braai (bbq) in our new house

over the next couple of posts i will show you the photos of all these things.

below is the first photos of our move & also of the house on the outside.

come back tomorrow for some more photos.

ps hope everyone had a great weekend!! 

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  1. aw, sis, your house is so beautiful... ;) glad to see Wayne's not that bad at gardening. ;)
    love you and miss you!


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