Sunday, May 30, 2010

it's been awhile...

in the last week we found a new house for us to move into in july. click here to see the photos of our new place.  in july when we move in i will show you all some before & after photos (but the 'after' ones will take some time because we have to buy furniture and everything).

i also ordered & booked my wedding dress, booked the photographer & send out the save the dates.

wayne has been busy with work, went to valencia in spain (for work and not for holiday) & he got stuck there with the volcano things that happened.

the weather here was absolutely wonderful last weekend BUT this weekend (because it is long weekend);  the only thing we've seen was rain, rain and more rain.

* a few photos of us in Tunisia - last year

hope everyone has a FANTASTIC holiday!

happy bday to my little niece Katinka; i heard you had a fantastic bday party today.

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