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Thursday, June 03, 2010

I am so excited to move into our new place.  I just hope that we will learn to love the new area because we have lived in our current area for the past 5/6 years and we LOVE it.  BUT change is good & every area has its own little charm & appeal.

I have been looking on the internet & blogs for ideas to furnish our new place (since we need to buy everything & I mean EVERYTHING).  Currently we only own a chair as furniture.  This makes it exciting & also scary to think we have to start from scratch (and at our age J).

here is a few photos of things I like:
{via:  Escapade}

{via:  desire to inspire} 

I LOVE the white & also the leather idea.  I don’t know how practical white is; but it sure looks pretty awesome.  I also like the wood idea for a table & chairs.

Today is a fantastic summer’s day here in London.  So for lunch time I went to my nearest park at work & had my lunch there.  Here is a few pictures of the park (really busy for 12pm) & also the little elephant display they have in the park.  I only photographed 1 of the elephants but there is about 4 in this park & they are also standing throughout London in parks & alongside the Thames river (an art display).

there is about 250 different elephants throughout london and it is part of the elephant parade to promote the elephant family charity.  this charity's goal is to protect the asian elephants & their habitat.  to see more elephants & more information about the charity, please click here.

have a fantastic THURSDAY!

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