Riley's Dinosaur Party: the decor & food

Thursday, July 03, 2014

riley loves dinosaurs, so it was very easy to pick a theme for his 2nd birthday party.  we had a small party for only a few of his friends and had so much fun, even if it was pouring outside. 

i made little dinosaur bunting & big paper pom-poms to decorate the table.  snacks for the little ones were: watermelon-on-a-stick, dinosaur cheese sandwiches, dinosaur turkey nuggets, grapes, blueberries, green & orange jelly, chicken viennas, rice cakes, dino dried fruit and rocky road & caramel toffee cupcakes.

wayne sprayed old glass bottle lids orange & green and we filled it with little smarties & other sweets.  I also used old egg cartons as bowls to put all the eat things in.

seeded cheese sandwiches in dinosaur shapes - used with cookie cutters i bought at the natural history museum.

for gift bags, i made each child a 'rileydactyl' dino dig.  each dino dig (that consisted of soft play dough) had a few fossil bones and big dino egg which had a glow in the dark dinosaur in.  and the gift bag had a dinosaur mask, dino tattoos, dino sticker book, dino bubbles and twirly straw.

because of the rain, we had to entertain the children indoors so, the got the rileydactyl dino dig to play with indoors.  they made a mess but had loads of fun.  riley LOVED it! 

riley's birthday cake was a chocolate cake with green icing, volcano (made with oreo biscuits and red sugar) and one of his toy dinosaur.  it was so yummy even if the icing decided to run away from the dinosaur and the volcano.

i loved creating all these things for my little man especially when i saw how much he enjoyed it.  i think the trick for me this year was that i started months before the time and was done with everything (except the baking) about 3 days before the party.  

i can't wait to plan next years party!! 

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